For Health

Learning Tai Chi and Qigong is the gateway to better health....

As an experienced Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, I can provide students with training through classes and/or individual lessons. I also offer all my students personal fitness and remedial programmes for those who wish to achieve specific personal health goals.

Students come to Tai Chi and Qigong for many reasons. Many look to restore fitness after injury or illness to build up the immune system and ward off further illness. Physios and Osteopaths recommend Tai Chi and Qigong as a remedial exercise, as incorrect posture is often the cause of injured backs, necks and muscular problems. Tai Chi and Qigong can provide intelligent and educated exercise to ensure that is non invasive which could be the answer to improve your health and fitness.

How does this work?

Students are shown specific flowing exercises and, with the correct breathing techniques, they develop awareness of their body and gradually the body and mind relaxes. The everyday stress of modern living is relieved or disappears. This is gained through regular practice and new skills are obtained. This permeates throughout your everyday life and in time, overall health and well being is achieved.

It is recommended that the Chinese principle of practice is adopted, which advises training a little each day.

The key tenet of good health starts from the ground up, correct posture and balance of the body. Maintaining a correct posture encourages improved breathing and oxygenates the blood and the internal organs. This stimulates energy circulation and nourishes every part of the body. The mind is lighter and the body is relieved of stress resulting in a calmer mind and spirit.


Reduce stress

Improve balance

Increase energy flow

Increase bone density

Improve mental focus

Move with fluidity

A recent study published by the British Medical Journal (May 17th 2016)

In a Canadian trial they decided to pit Tai Chi v Physio in the treatment of chronic knee pain, after 12 weeks both groups showed significant improvements to their condition, but the Tai Chi group had shown further development with their overall physical condition, health and well being.

Tai Chi may appear to some, to be an easy soft exercise, like other martial arts it requires commitment and dedication. To get the health benefits detailed above will require regular practice.