Here are some recommended links to other sites for additional information.

A detailed site for the Wudang style, also known as Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Dan Docherty - Wudang style Tai Chi Chuan

The Tai Chi Union of Great Britain site - good articles and whats going on in Tai Chi. Also where to find an instructor in your area.

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

European Tai Chi Federation, with links to other styles and Tai Chi organisations around Europe.

Tai Chi Federation of Europe

My Golf Coach, One of the best teaching golf pros in the south east. (He also holds a first Dan in Ju Jitsu )

Paul Page Golf Professional - Golf coach to professionals, top amateurs and beginners

Recommended Reading

The Qigong Bible - by Katherine Allen - Amazon - A excellent book for the Qigong student who wishes to learn about this ancient health system

The Tai Chi Bible - by Dan Docherty - Amazon - a good reference for beginners and advanced students alike - Price £11.99

The Complete Tai Chi Tutor - by Dan Docherty- Amazon - a good book for further study on Tai Chi theory and history for all students - Price £14.99

The Root of Chinese Qigong - by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming - Amazon - a comprehensive reference guide to Qigong - advanced only - Price £8.99

The Art of War - Sun Tzu - Amazon - Strategy concepts and analysis - Penguin edition £5.99