Tai Chi chuan

What is Tai Chi Chuan ?

Tai Chi is a relaxing form of exercise that promotes good health and well being. Most people will have seen Tai Chi practiced by Chinese people in parks, performing smooth rhythmic movements. The smooth movements while breathing deeply offer a variety of health benefits, by developing both a healthy body and calming the mind. Tai Chi is also a subtle and efficient method of self-defence.

Tai Chi has now gained world wide popularity and can be performed by all ages, indoors or outdoors and with no special equipment or clothing required. Traditionally Tai Chi students in China would be expected to train a little each day.

Health benefits are:

Improved posture and balance; blood, oxygen and energy circulation is stimulated, and this nourishes every aspect of the body. Mental focus improves, then gradually the mind and body relax, stress related symptoms lessen or disappear.

Tai Chi Chuan training:

Qigong- Energy cultivation exercises

Hand Form - A sequence of flowing movements

Pushing Hands - Partner exercises to train certain skills, fixed and moving step.

Self-Defence Applications - Each movement in the Hand form has a self- defence meaning

Weapons - Sabre (Dao), Straight Sword (Jian) and Spear (Qiang) - Weapons are taught to advanced students only.